"We're a little awkward in pictures..."

See that quote there? I hear that ALL. THE. TIME. It's my job to put you at ease in front of the camera. I spend time getting to know each couple so that I can capture sweet moments that reflect who the two of you are.

Engagement sessions are one of the best ways to confirm that your photographer is a good fit for you ahead of your wedding day. I think it is so important that I include them in two of my wedding packages.

I'm also an advocate for having regular sessions with your partner. Whether you're not engaged (yet) or you've been married for years, and everything in between, I'd love to hang with you for a session.

The Details

Couples and engagement sessions are 90-minutes long. When you book one of these sessions, I will send a guide that helps you prepare for the session. It includes all the juicy details like where to have your session and what colors work well together.


Couples + Engagement


Whether you are celebrating a new engagement, an anniversary, or just for fun, these sessions are such a great way to capture your love story. Every couple deserves to have photos that showcase who they are together.