Ways to personalize your wedding day

When you attend a lot of weddings, you hear so many stories. One of the first questions I asked Megan and Troy was, “How did you meet?” They shared that they had worked together, but I didn’t fully understand how it all played out until I heard from their close family and friends at the wedding. 

Megan and Troy both worked for Life Link, and part of Troy’s job is to train in new employees. I learned quickly in my conversations with Megan and Troy that he is an analytical, by the book kind of guy. When Megan started working at Life Link, Troy was her instructor. She immediately knew that something was there, and even told a friend after her first day that he was the man she was going to marry.

Troy wasn’t as easily convinced. Eventually, they started dating, Megan got a new job, and after what seemed like a lifetime together, Troy FINALLY proposed. The two of them have such big hearts and complement each other so well.

Megan and Troy carefully planned details of their day that would honor those who are special to them. Perhaps the biggest gesture was to Megan’s father who has passed away. She dedicated a section of the bar area to him, invited his best friends, and did a special dance with them. Each of them even had a mug from decades ago that they drank out of to commemorate their traditions together.

There are so many ways to honor someone who cannot be at your wedding. It’s moments like these that are made to be personal that always seem to be just right for the couple and their families.